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What is Open Banking?

With the Digital Transformation of banks, the concept of Open Banking allows information to be shared securely between financial institutions and any company that wants to offer its customers Digital Payment methods associated with innovative financial products.

Here at Grupo Cajamar, we offer a sector specific solution that will allow you to connect with us and with other affiliated entities, in order to facilitate connection through the catalogue of available APIs.

In addition, we are a member of the Berlin Group, a European consortium of banks and payment service providers, created chiefly to establish a common standard for APIs in Europe so that you can access financial institutions in a harmonised way.

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Our APIs

Our catalogue of APIs developed according to the Berlin Group standards conforms to Directive 2015/2366 on payment services within the PSD2 regulations.


Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

Grupo Cajamar API

These interfaces initiate a payment order, at the request of the user, drawn against an account opened with another payment service provider. They allow the payment initiation service provider to give the beneficiary a guarantee that the payment has been initiated. These services offer a solution to both merchants and consumers, and also allow consumers to make online purchases even if they do not have a credit or debit card.

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Account Information Access Service (AIS)

Grupo Cajamar API

Provides aggregate information about one or more accounts held by the user of the service, with one or more payment service providers, allowing the user to have an immediate, comprehensive view of their financial situation.

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Funds Confirmation Service (FCS)

Grupo Cajamar API

The purpose of this service is, at the request of a payment service provider that issues card-based payment instruments, to obtain immediate confirmation of the availability of funds in the originator's account for the execution of a card-based transaction. The confirmation given does not imply that the payment service provider blocks the funds in the account of the ordering party.

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